Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Have you decided how you will wear your hairstyle for your big day? This decision is not something you should be leaving to the last minute.

Nothing panics a bride more than a bad hair day. Plan ahead and practice doing your hair - if you are doing it yourself. If you want professional assistance, book a trial run with your stylist. Bring in photos of hairstyles you like so that your stylist has an idea of what you want.

A great idea for any wedding hairstyle is to wear bangs. The gentle side-swept bang is a great addition to any updo, partial updo or down-do hairstyle. Bangs tend to soften any hairstyle, and add a certain romantic feature to them.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Nothing says 'beautiful' more than a tousled romantic wedding hairstyle. These styles are very popular today and are easy to create on your own. Pull your hair loosely back and twist into s chignon, pinning into place. Pull out various wispy strands on each side of the chignon for that tousled look. These updo hairstyles will look great for a wedding hairstyle.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wedding Updos

Great ideas for wedding hairstyles start with the updos. Take a sleek updo and pull out a few strands here and there, maybe curl them and voila--you have a romantic wedding updo.

Selecting the right wedding hairstyle can start with your wedding dress. If your dress is a fancy elaborate dress, you will want to select a hairstyle that isn't fancy and elaborate - so you can offset your look and have balance.

Likewise a very simple wedding dress can have an elaborate updo.

Of course there are no rules when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It is always a good idea to schedule a trial run with your hair stylist several weeks before your big day. During the trial run you can see exactly how your hair will look--and hold up after a whole day of activities.

The trial run allows you to plan and almost eliminates the possibility of a bad hair day. If you are doing your own hair or having a friend do it, then you should still do a trial run. Try your dress with your hairstyle to see if the whole package looks good together.

You can complete your wedding hairstyle by adding some hair accessories. Check out this site for some great ideas.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wedding updo hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles are the perfect way to make you stand out and look fabulous on your wedding day.

There are many easy options that you can create on your own with a little practice. Check out http://www.weddinghair.com/ for wedding hair kits that give you details on how to create a style on your own. The kits are free and you only have to pay for shipping.

Also, check out the latest World Village Hairstyles blog Entry for other great updo hairstyles.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Romantic Wedding Hairstyles

Mila Kunis long wavy hairstyle would work great for a romantic wedding hairstyle look.
Mila Kunis stunned onlookers with this gorgeous, dazzling hairstyle. Her luscious locks were set in rollers and left long and wavy all over.

The front was left to hang loose in waves that framed her face and softened her look.

How to Style:Allow up to 2 hours styling time for hot roller setting, teasing, pinning and spraying. This long lasting style is great for all occasions and all weather conditions.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Soft Wedding Updo Hairstyles

This wavy style would be a great wedding hairstyle. Add curls all over and pull hair loosely back into a chignon.

Jessica kept her style looking simple. Her hair was heavily layered through the top section to create a full and messy upstyle.

This style will work best on fine to medium hair types.How to Style:Allow up to 2 hours styling time for hot roller setting, teasing, pinning and spraying. This long lasting style is great for all occasions and all weather conditions.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Beautiful Long Wedding Hairstyles

A long wedding hairstyle just looks and sound romantic. Add soft curls, maybe some wispy bangs and you have the perfect wedding look.

Check out some of these romantic wedding styles in the Awesome Long Layered Hairstyles feature.

Layers can be textured so that hair lays smooth. Find a gorgeous long hairstyle for your wedding. Don't forget to apply a finishing spray or shine serum for an extra glossy look

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Most Popular Wedding Hairstyle Photo

When it comes to finding wedding hairstyle photos, the Internet is the place to be. There are so many websites that have wedding hairstyle galleries with all sorts of different styles.

The best way to find a wedding hairstyle is to look at tons of them. When you see a style that you like you just know that it is the way you want to wear your hair.

This photo, see left, is one of the most popular wedding or prom hairstyles photos. It features lots of barrel curls in a high updo combined with lots of side bangs/fringe and a center or side part.

See more wedding hairstyles at http://www.hrweddinghair.com/

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wedding Hairstyles - Find one fast

Check out the latest wedding hairstyles in large bridal hair gallery. Find the latest, newest styles that include updos, partial updos and many other options.

Schedule a trial run with your hair stylist several weeks before your wedding and make sure the hairstyle you like looks good with your dress. Make adjustments during your consultation and you will be sure to have the best style for your big day.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Beautiful wavy wedding hairstyles

Long, flowing waves make this style, see photo left, ideal for a romantic wedding. Match it with any type of wedding dress for a stunning look.

Texturising layers were added into the very ends of her hair for extra body and movement and lots of body was added through the top section as well as the ends to give Janelle as much movement as she wants. This is a great hairstyle for those with finer hair as it will create more thickness throughout. A look such as this will require regular trims to keep the shape.

How to Style:Apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry using a medium vent brush, turning your hair under as you go along. Smooth shine the top layers and then lacquer lightly for hold.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles

If you are looking for an elegant hairstyle for your wedding, consider the style shown below by Ellen Pompeo.

Retro waves are added all over for a medium length finish that is very elegant and will look great for any wedding.

Ellen Pompeo's Hairstyles

Ellen Pompeo definitely turned heads at the Chanel Fine Jewelry Night of Diamonds event with her classic hairstyle. Her length is cut to the shoulders with long layers through the edges to create shape. Her gorgeous waves are easy to re-create and will hold well with the right products.

How to Style:Gel spray damp hair and then blow-dry with a big vent brush, adding small flicks all over to create definition in the layer. To finish, use molding cream and lacquer for hold.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle Williams's Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles that are very elegant can be difficult to find. Matching your hairstyle to your wedding dress can be even more difficult. The style worn by Michelle Williams, pictured left, can accomodate virtually any wedding dress while maintaining an elegant, romantic look.

This is a sexy style for this new mum from the 2006 Oscar Awards. The top has been pinned up into a soft ponytail and soft tresses have been left to flow down around the face. Soft side swept bangs have also been cut to add shape and definition to the style.

How to Style:Allow up to 2 hours styling time for hot roller setting, teasing, pinning and spraying. This long lasting style is great for all occasions and all weather conditions. For more details or to try on this style, just lick on the photo.