Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Curly Ponytail Hairdo for Wedding

Once only appropriate for the gym, the ponytail hairstyle is making waves on the red carpet and now at formal occasions such as weddings and proms. 

Perhaps one of the easiest updos to create on your own, the ponytail style can be worn stick straight and shiny smooth or all over wavy. Practice creating this style on your own several weeks in advance of your big day. Try different styling options such as decorative hair clips, curls.

If you can't get your hair styled just right by yourself, then you may have to schedule an appointment with a professional hair stylist. Practice is great preparation. No bride wants to be messing with her hair on one of the biggest days of her life.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hairdos for Bridesmaids

Partial Updo is option for Bridesmaids Hairdos
The bride needs a perfect hairdo for the big wedding day. No argument there. The bridal party also needs to look good- but not too good. No bride wants her bridal party to out 'style' her when it comes to the hair style.

Many bridal parties organize and plan their own wedding hair style. Some opt for all matching styles such as up dos, curly dos, or partial up do styles. Of course the final decision is all up to the bride. Matching hair accessories are also a common factor with bridal party hairdos.

Several options for bridesmaid hairstyles include the partial updo, the ponytail updo and the all over curly style.  The one that is the hardest to create for everyone is the all over curly style.  Some types of hair don't take curls or keep them for very long and the process of curling may take some time. If there is time before the wedding and the bridal party has several hair stylists on board, then the all over curly style is a great style to go with.

The curly style is ultra stylish and looks very formal for any wedding.  Consider other styles and hairdos for bridesmaids  Remember, planning in advance is the best way to go - avoids stress and uncertainty on the day of the wedding.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bridal Hairdos

Perfect bridal hairdos don't just happen, they take planning and lots of trial and error. Just like you don't buy the first wedding dress you try on - at least most women don't!- you shouldn't just pick the first hairdo that pops into your head.

Start making plans several months in advance, deciding first on your dress. Will you go with a wedding veil or just a tiara?  All of these factors play into how you should wear your hair for your big day.  By planning well in advance how you will style your hair, you will eliminate tons of wedding day jitters that come with last minute, hasty decisions.

Consider some of thes 11 Tips for Bridal Hairdos and take a deep breathe.  Your wedding day will go much smoother if everything is planned out, practiced and perfected.