Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wedding Hair Styles From Celebrities

Wear a Celebrity Hair Style for Your Wedding Style
Nelly Furtado has a great hair style, see left, that will work great for a wedding hair style.
To create this look on your own, part your hair deep on one side and apply a styling cream throughout the hair. Blow dry the hair using a large round brush to pull the hair and layers straight.
Next, add soft waves to the hair using a curling iron. Pull all hair back loosely and twist into a chignon at the back. Attach a curled hairpiece to the chignon for an even more elegant look.
Then take out small sections of hair on each side of the face and use a curling iron to add corkscrew curls to the pieces.
Blast the hair with a good quality hair spray to keep everything in place. Add a jeweled tiara or headpiece easily to this hair style, add diamond dangling earrings and you have a fantastic wedding look.

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Kristian said...

Nelly Fortado looks great! But
not all hairstyles, however trendy, will suit everyone. Whether a hairstyle looks good really does depend on the structure of the face.
Celebrity hairstyles change constantly, don't forget they are likely to have a team of professionals looking after their hair. You may have to live with yours a bit longer so it's essential that you find a style that suits you well. You must know that celebrity`s using hair replacement, make-up specialists, hair stylers, barbers, and for you will be best to create our own style